Every once in a blue moon... a
HERO, a truly great character
is born. Adventures of
JAKE the SNAKE V.I.P.e.r.
(Very Important Personality and Extraordinary Reptile)
tells the story of just such an amazing Ssssuperstar!

Jake fell to earth in an egg and the
goddess Reptia declared:

”Jake, Jake, you’re the Chosen Snake,
do good on the Planet and all good
shall come to you”

Jake set up life on Reptisland and somehow knew from an early age that it was his destiny to change the range of feelings by the human race about snakes, reversing the ‘bad press’ they received ever since that Garden of Eden episode!
‘Give a Snake a Break’
became his motto!
Our Reptilian Righter of Wrongs leads the uncompromising campaign for justice and fair play across the world, spreading a ‘green message’ in an effort to protect the planet
through the Leaf Club for kids:

Assisting him are the RAKES- an international band of unique creatures, that all had a shady
past and unpopularity as disliked species - BUT- thanks to a break from Jake, they toe the line
now with the Slithery Samaritan as their mentor. They ‘Snake, Rattle ‘n Roll’ in the amazing Viperwagen from the Equatree Control Tower on Reptisland, off to a different country in the past, present or future, wherever a call on the Viperline takes them, to solve any crooked
crime in need of quashing.

Every good hero deserves a bad villain. Jake’s main mission is to curb the global misdeeds perpetrated by the murky Mongoose Militia, under the leadership of the ‘Demented Duo’: treacherous Mama Tallulah and her maniac son Toulouse Mongoose with his odious Henchmen, who plan death and destruction to take over the world. With the reappearance of the despicable Mad Adder, Jake and the Rakes face an even greater dilemma against law and order.

Around The World Adventures Of Jake The Snake V.I.P.e.r.

Follow the exciting episodes of Jake and the Rakes as they dip into the past, present and future to solve any crooked crime that needs quashing - fighting off the evil machinations of the Mongoose Militia led by Mama Tallulah, or the destructive plans against the planet perpetrated by the despicable slithery criminal at large - Mad Adder

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