Take A Look At Jake The Snake's Adventures!

Saturn Snake

Jake and the Rakes board the Shuttletrap, the amazing motorized invention which blasts them into outer space to investigate... Read More

Reptile Revolution

Someone impersonating Jake the Snake invites all the reptiles on earth for a reunion in Venezuela . The culprit is... Read More

Shanghai Snake

Chinese New Year’s celebrations are underway at the annual staff dinner on Reptisland , when a call for ... Read More


Germany is hosting the annual Food & Beverage Cultural Festival and invite gourmet Rake Jacques Webb to be a judge... Read More

Snake Charmer

Jake and the Rakes are invited to India to launch their LEAF CLUB at a Children's Cultural Festival. Any opportunity. Read More

Silver Screen Serpent

Tina Termite is distraught as she has been turned down to appear on the hit TV show... Read More

Torch Snake Tale

The opening Celebration Ceremony for the Olympic Games has been stopped in its tracks as the famous flame ... Read More

Snake Rattle & Roll Out A Song

Earth Day is being celebrated across the world and Jake and the Rakes lend a helping hand by... Read More

Pineapple Upside-Down-Cake Snake

Jake has always had a weakness for Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, but when he sees it is off the... Read More


Jake wants the Rakes to stop playing so many video games, far too stuck on a screen, and instead get ‘stuck into’ Shake... Read More

Reptile Russian Roulette

The newly formed World Harmony Association bringing the East and West together to create entert... Read More

Mars Bar Mongoose Mania

Jake and the Rakes are singing the song “Everything’s comin’ up roses” after success...Read More

Spaghetti Snake Western

Jake’s Rake Marco Mortadella, the Italian ex-leader of the Bad Cheese Gang is the hero of the day... Read More

Rhinestone Reptile

Anna Conda is on her World Singing Tour and her extravagant show now in Paris France is causing ... Read More

Reptile Of The Nile

Jake and the Rakes rev up the Rattletrap and head to Ancient Egypt. The eminent archaeolo... Read More

Jakemaca Jostle

There is no doubt that the despicable MAD ADDER is out to destroy the world and the chip on his shoulder is huge... Read More

Snake Aid

The World Ecological Congress is holding its annual meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Jake is attending with the Rakes... Read More

...Sssome Like It Hot

The world is on serious alert. Someone or something has stole the sun and the planet is bathed... Read More

Dip into a page from the Jake the Snake books in the Past, Present, Future

The Past: Snake of Araby

"I'm going to use the tip of my tail, which can stretch as you know way beyond any limit."
Read More

The Present: Après-Ski Snake

"Tons of snow start to tumble down the slope in hot pursui of the villains: they can't g..."
Read More

The Future: Moon Snaker

"Hey Jake, is that a shooting star or is that a Mongoosebooster speeding towards us?"
Read More

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